Bring Financial Literacy to Your Community

Banzai helps you build relationships with schools, community programs, and businesses while creating a culture of financial literacy.
Used by nearly
5 Million
students educated
In over
of U.S. schools

Make a lasting impact on the lives of students and community members alike.

Banzai Direct products — Wellness Center and calculators.
For Communities and Employees

Banzai Direct

Bolster relationships with account holders, employees, business partners, and more with Banzai's dynamic content.

  • Wellness Center—library complete with over 175 life literacy resources
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Geo-targeted content marketing
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School products — courses software and printed workbooks.
For Teachers and Students

Banzai for Schools

Exclusively sponsor schools in your community to positively impact CRA evaluations and encourage brand loyalty.

  • Engaging courses
  • In-classroom presentations
  • Printed workbooks
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Partner Success

“One representative distributing Banzai is producing more results than nine people did with a $200K program. We are increasing loan volume and creating great relationships with students.”
Amy P.
Marketing Manager, Extra Credit Union
“We knew that Banzai was better than the program we were using and that it could reach many more students. You just can't walk away from that.”
Deidra Williams
CEO, Extra Credit Union
“Of course we were looking at alternative programs. But Banzai was clearly the best choice, and it’s been a fantastic partnership ever since.”
Alexa Bennett
Marketing Supervisor, Northern CU
“I could never say anything bad about Banzai.… You guys had the product that I wanted.”
Kim Babington
VP of Community Outreach, SIUCU
“Many employees, some who have been in the banking industry for years, stated they learned something new by going through all Banzai Direct tests and games.”
Kelly Hunt
Community relationship specialist, P1FCU
“I trust the program and trust that it's going to run as it should.”
Victor Frasher
Director of Community Engagement, ECU
“Banzai gave them, [Pinnacle Bank], hope that the money they were spending was going to go to a better cause than to activities that wouldn’t earn them any [CRA] credit at all.”
Sue Kocsis
CRA/fair lending officer, Pinnacle Bank
Case study booklets.

CRA Credit

Discover ways to serve low to moderate income communities and gain recognition under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).


How It Works

Banzai offers an expansive, easy-to-access library of financial literacy tools that you can provide to your community & employees through sponsorship.

Wellness Center software featuring resource topics.

The Wellness Center

A comprehensive, 40+ hour collection of interactive content including Coaches, calculators, and articles.

Course software scenario featuring utility bills and decisions.

Interactive Courses

Roughly 18 hours worth of computer games for every age that test, teach, and reinforce financial concepts in a fun, easy way while encouraging growth and problem-solving skills.

“Banks should be encouraged to partner with and invest in professional experts who could deliver [financial education] services.”

U.S. Department of the Treasury

See why nearly 900 financial institutions, in all 50 states, have partnered with this award-winning program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Banzai Manager track?
    The Banzai Manager provides comprehensive usage statistics that give valuable insights into the effectiveness of Banzai resources.
    Each reporting feature—article reporting, Coach reporting, calculator reporting, and order reporting(Schools)—goes over how many times each Banzai resource has been viewed or played through, identifies Coach users, and displays a visual graph so you can easily track overall usage.
  • How can we implement the Banzai product?
    Integrating Banzai into your workflow isn't difficult. In fact, we provide you with support every step of the way via a designated representative. Banzai also offers onboarding materials that help you build an internal and external launch plan for the Banzai program and shows you how to find and post pre-built social media posts and emails.
  • Who can I offer Banzai to?
    Banzai Direct is a powerful tool for educating your account holders and other members of your community. You can also use Direct internally with your employees or offer it to community partners such as non-profit organizations or other institutions you work closely with.
    Banzai for Schools is strictly built to offer life literacy resources to teachers and students. This product helps you build relationships with teachers by offering an easy communication pipeline, allowing teachers to reach out and request presentations, workbooks, tour or visits, etc. as well as send thank you notes to your team for all you do for them.
  • How is Direct priced?
    The Direct product is based off an institution's asset size. Schedule a demo today to see what it would cost for you to sponsor your community.
  • Can employees use Banzai?
    Of course! Use Banzai to build custom employee pages or a microsite that employees use as a life literacy learning resource. Highlight resources within Banzai that touch about employee benefits and other life literacy content.
  • How does Banzai maximize engagement?
    Banzai lets Direct partners add clickable Calls to Action throughout any of your featured resources which is a great way to offer relevant financial products, services, or additional information to your customers. Banzai also helps build and strengthen relationships with teachers, students, and parents.
  • Will I be competing with another organization when I decide to sponsor a school?
    Banzai ensures full exclusivity when it comes to sponsoring schools. Once you decide to be a sponsor, your organization is the one that gets credited and marketed within the school of your choosing so long as your sponsorship continues. Reach out to your Banzai representative to see how this can benefit your company.

Build a culture of life literacy.

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